Cultivating Bird Parakeet

Cultivating Bird Parakeet -. Bird parakeet cultivation actually not too difficult. You just need to know tahapan-tahapannya. And cultivation of not merely a hobby parakeet or entertainment, but could also be a source of income. To breed the birds parakeets should pay attention to several things in order to get maximum results in captivity.

Cultivating Bird Parakeet

1. planning of the quality or quantity of production results bird parakeets. When quality is then targeted matchmaking special selection needs to be from a reputable breeder birds parakeets. When targeted is the quantity then it can be ignored by way of letting the parakeet cage himself in his running mate pick matchmaking mass.

2. Note the parakeet is ripe age of gender, i.e. about 90 days. Because of the age of highly productive parakeet has success.

3. selection of the sex of the parakeets. Passing birds parakeets from posture between males and females almost equally. But who could tell the difference clearly is a bluish colored adult parakeet on nasal protrusions, while females tend to be a pseudo colored white.

4. pay attention to the size of the enclosure, it must be in accordance with the population of parakeets couples when carried out mass breeding. The excess mass breeding cages cost is cheaper and more practical. While the disadvantage is when one of the birds is sick then it will easily rub off on the other parakeets and could lead to mass deaths.

5. pay attention to selection of type of feed. Choose seeds that are weighted in order to give sufficient nutrition for birds parakeets. Extra video of kecamba, young corn or vegetables can also be given.

6. provide the Grid/Hot rocks or minerals to aid digestion bird parakeets. Hot and can be from collisions of red brick, tile or the cuttlefish's skin.

7. keep your parakeet bird's health in order to produce optimally.

8. keep the availability of feed and drink and try it in the net.

9. keep your personal hygiene sometimes/cage on a regular basis, so as not to become a nest of the source of the disease.

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